Get Super Soft and Shiny Hair at Home

Get Super Soft and Shiny Hair at Home

Hi friends! I am back as I promised. I have bought you all few interesting tips and simple home remedies to get shiny soft hair. Many guys and girls are tired of their brush like rough hair which brings them a bad look. They worry a lot for their hair and uses chemical cosmetics which leads to hair loss or some other hair problems :( Why should we go for chemical products when there are lot of things in our kitchen which can gives us silky soft hair? We can prepare our natural own hair care cosmetics! Want to know what are they? :) Keep reading! Let me write in this post, few herbal natural remedies and a hair serum which can makes your hair glitter!Hey! I forgot to tell you all a thing. Do you know what is the secret of shiny soft hair? It is "Moisturized hair can only be soft and shiny". We always worry that our hair is not at all smooth but we never ever moisturize it with essential oils or any hair nourishing packs. Then from where will you get the shine hmm? When you regularize the hair moisturizing process, definitely you will get your beautiful shiny hair soon. Read below for few effective tips. MY HAIR :)ALOEVERA HAIR TREATMENT (Homemade Hair serum)Aloevera is a good source of Vitamin E which adds nourishment to your hair and makes it softy softy! :) :) Believe or not.. Myself tried this aloevera serum and saw wonderful results on my hair. It's not a big process at all. Just take 2 fresh aloevera leaves, peel off the skin to get the Aloe gel. Now grind this gel in a mixy to make a paste. Apply this aloe serum over your hair and scalp, also in the split ends. Leave on for an hour and wash off with your regular shampoo. Shiny soft hair is all yours! :) When followed weekly, this homemade aloe hair serum does miracles to your hair.CONDITIONINGDo you all know ? Conditioning is the main process which moisturizes hair and gives the shine. Every time we shampoo our hair, our hair loses moisture and becomes dry. To prevent this, use a good branded conditioner. Using conditioner every time after shampooing makes your hair really really soft as it moisturizes. So, never ever forget to condition if you want soft shiny hair. I use Dove, Garnier and L'Oreal conditioners :) They're quite good! I have already mentioned the OILING PROCESS in my previous post, It also moisturizes your hair well and strengthens it from deeper to give you a wonderful, beautiful and mainly SHINY SOFT hair! Click HERE to read it!Hope this post will be useful to you all. Leave your comments! Have a nice time! :)

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